W彩票网公益时报:Customer Arbitration

Notice of Intent

W彩票网网站 www.z8fhm.com.cn If you are considering filing a claim and are approaching the two-year time limit for filing a claim, you should consider submitting a Notice of Intent. A Notice of Intent does not obligate you to file a claim, but it temporarily suspends the two-year time limit to provide you with extra time to file a claim.

NFA must receive a Notice of Intent within the two-year time limit period in order to extend the time period allowed to file a claim.

Filing a Claim

Customer Arbitration is designed for futures-related or forex-related disputes involving customers and NFA Members, their employees and Associates.  You should consider filing a claim if you are a customer and you believe you've lost money because of unfair or improper treatment by an NFA Member. If you are an NFA Member or associate trying to recover a debit balance, you should consider filing an arbitration claim at NFA.

NFA's ability to hear a claim depends on certain factors, such as when the claimant first knew the dispute existed and whether the dispute involves futures or retail forex transactions.


As part of its customer arbitration process, NFA refers every claim to mediation.

Filing Fees

The filing party is responsible for filing and hearing fees. A detailed table of filing fees can be found in .

Arbitration Online Payment System

NFA's Arbitration Online Payment System allows individuals to pay hearing and filing fees associated with an arbitration case.

Access the System called ORS

Case Information

Individuals may access information about their current arbitration cases.

Access Information about arbitration cases

NFA's Customer Arbitration Resources

NFA provides resources for parties engaged in customer arbitration.

View Resources about arbitration cases

For additional information, access answers to frequently asked questions about arbitration.

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