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NFA strives to provide Members, investors, other regulators, and the media with up-to-date information regarding NFA's activities.
If you are a media representative in need of additional information, contact: Kristen Scaletta
(312) 781-7860 or [email protected]

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Board Update Videos
View NFA's quarterly Board Update videos to hear NFA leadership discuss highlights from its quarterly Board meetings and other notable information.

Comment Letters
When appropriate, NFA submits comment letters in response to federal rulemakings and IOSCO initiatives.

News Releases
View NFA news releases announcing significant disciplinary action or other NFA news.

Notices to Members
View NFA Notices to Members—messages or reminders regarding compliance updates, NFA events, and other important news.

Petitions for Rulemaking
Read NFA's petitions for amendments to CFTC regulations.

Rule Filings with the SEC
View NFA's proposed rule changes filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Rule Submissions to the CFTC
View NFA's proposed rule changes filed with the CFTC.

Speeches and Testimonies
Read transcripts of speeches and testimony given by NFA leadership.

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